Who doesn’t love a good story? Stories have the power to teach us and guide us. They paint a picture for others to see, one that was once only held in our mind’s eye. Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come or we lose sight of where we want to go because we haven’t written it down or documented it. That’s why we are excited to invite you to be part of Stories That Matter!

Welcome to Stories That Matter. The Colorado Health Foundation is working with Ross Strategic and Community Driven Initiatives to gather stories about community impact and share them back with the communities you live in. We are working in the City of Pueblo, East Colfax Corridor, Alamosa, Morgan, Eagle, Montrose, Rio Grande, Crowley or Otero Counties. We know you have an amazing story to tell and invite you to share a story on any one of these subject areas: 

  • Food Access
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Housing
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Immigrant/Refugee Experience
  • Civic Engagement Equity in Access to Services 
  • Behavioral Health
  • Early Childhood

You can get started by watching the training video and submitting a story proposal here  

Click below to watch the training and get started!

Click here to watch the training in Spanish.