Stories That Matter Training

Examples and Resources

We have put together the following list of examples and materials from a variety of sources for your reference. We’re sharing the links to these great examples in case they’re useful for you as you craft your story. *Starred items were included in the training webinar.


  • The Climb Chronicles*
    The Climb Chronicles is the project report from Hike the Heights, an annual event that connects residents to local parks in Northern Manhattan. Section 5 includes photos and stories from program participants sharing their personal experience with the project.


Written Account

Spoken Narrative (Captured on Video)

Spoken Narrative (Audio Recording)


Photographs with Quotes and Descriptions

Short Film


How do I get started?
First, watch the training video on the home page and once you finish the training, submit a proposal via the submission link. Click on the “Submit your Story” tab to see all 4 steps in the process.

How long do I have to complete my story?
You will have up to 6 weeks to complete your story once your proposal has been approved, not including holidays.

Where do I go for help or if I have questions?
If you are interested in learning more about a particular story telling method, you can find that information on the “Resources” tab. For other questions, contact Marianna Espinoza.

Can I share a story that isn’t about my own experience?  
You can share a story of someone else’s experience with their permission.

Can I share a story about my past experiences?
Yes, as long as you relate your past to your current experience in the project community you live in (Alamosa, Eagle, Morgan, or Pueblo).

How do you determine how much compensation to provide for a story?
We offer compensation between $75 to $500 depending on the amount of time and effort it takes to develop your story. There are three levels of compensation: $75 to $150 for stories that take less than 2 hours to develop; $150-$350 for stories that take between 2-5 hours to develop; and $350-$500 for stories that take more than 5 hours to develop. Once you have submitted your proposal, we will contact you to work together to decide a fair compensation amount based on your proposal.

What if I want to remain anonymous? 
In order to participate in Stories That Matter, you must be willing to publish your story on our public web page and share the story with the Colorado Health Foundation, though your name can be kept anonymous if you prefer.