World-Changing Wheels: A Day in the Life of Ernest Beverly III

A bicycle can be a lot more than a bicycle. It can be a sign of independence, greater access to basic needs, and even a family connector. This photo essay by Ernest Beverly III explores how a bike gift by the Alamosa Bicycle Coalition impacted his world.

Ernest and his new bike

I received my bike in November. I remember feeling joy because I was finally able to have transportation and get to my appointments.

Inside the Alamosa Bicycle Coalition, and admiring the bike after fixing it up.

Inside the Alamosa Bicycle Coalition
Riding to get firewood

I have to walk about a mile to collect the firewood for my campsite. The bike makes it a lot easier and saves time. Here I am riding my bike up a hill with my wood on the back of my bike. Without the bike I would have to walk up all the way.

I’m getting ready to go down to fill up my water jugs on my bike.

Preparing to get water
Carrying water

My bicycle helps me carry heavy loads such as water. It’s about a block to carry the water, but the bike makes it a lot easier. I have to make this trip everyday.

Another struggle is getting groceries from the store to my camp. This is outside the grocery store.

At the grocery store
After getting groceries

The bicycle helps not only me, but it helps my family. I use it to get dog food and groceries as well. This picture is after I brought food home from the store.

One of my struggles is being able to visit my kids in Monte Vista (19 miles from Alamosa). I use the bike to travel to Monte Vista.

Visiting my kids in Monte Vista
After getting groceries

Receiving the bicycle from ABC has enabled me to spend more time with my family in Monte Vista. Here I am with my family.

I appreciate ABC for helping me through my homeless struggles. The bike I received helped me health-wise, sanity-wise, and has really helped me through my struggles.

Ernest at ABC